Hello September!

August is over! I'm not entirely sure if that's a good or a bad thing. Sure, it's 2020 and time doesn't matter, but it is surreal that March seems only three weeks, and a decade ago at the same time.

Every time I promise to myself that I will be more selective at commitments, I somehow find my way into the most time-consuming, fascinating, pain-in-the-whole, and rewarding projects. Between a full-time job, a side gig, a programming course, some resemblance of social life, a history course, and finding my feet at this blogging thing, I suddenly found myself in a storm of to-do lists, deadlines, and always-empty coffee cups.

Why do I do that to myself, you might ask? I honestly have no idea... Though if I need to give an answer, I guess I don't want to be ordinary. I never wanted to finish work only to sit in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. Mind you, there's nothing wrong with a solid binging session either. However, if that becomes a habit, it can be tough to find and reignite motivation.

Despite notorious sleep deprivation, I still managed to move things forward: completed a computer science course, published reviews, read more books than I thought possible, applied for a new role.

What's coming in September then? A second part of the computer science course, the rest of the job application process, and MORE BOOKS!

So far in the line-up are four reviews, weekly browse through most enticing Kindle deals, an interview (yay!), and definitely more coffee!

September reviews:

  • The Evening and the Morning by Ken Follett,
  • The Dead Man in the Ditch by Luke Arnold,
  • The Library of the Unwritten by A.J. Hackwith,
  • We Have Met the Enemy by Felicia Watson

TBR list:

  • The Dead Man in the Ditch by Luke Arnold (I'm almost there!),
  • We Have Met the Enemy by Felicia Watson,
  • Dead in Dublin by Catie Murphy,
  • The Gravedigger by A.D. Wayne

I also happened to acquire some bulbs that promise to turn into beautiful flowers come spring, so there will be a few updates about my gardening skills. Or lack of thereof...


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